On the 30./31. of Mai, there will take place a walking/running challenge for you, the #onemillionrun.

Goal is to walk as much as you can within 48h. I set up a little team with girls who are motivated to earn some kilometers for the young talents of Switzerland athletes.

Can Switzerland reach together the 1 Million kilometers?

Join our Team #zoomies and walk with us as much as you possibly can. Sign in for free and get you tracker number for your App here: https://onemillionrun.ch

Indoor-RAAM @Fields in Copenhagen

I have the habit of doing some crazy events in order to raise awareness around my projects and encourage other people to come out and be active.
i.e cycling the entire length of Denmark around the coast. A 1600 km unsupported ride where I encouraged people to come out and join me. Or doing 24 hour cycling events both indoor and outdoor and inviting people to come along a challenge themselfs. The craziest being 24 hours non-stop Alpe d’Huez on an online cycling platform Indoor.

This Fall I will host the most extreme indoor cycling event ever when I plan to ride the entire distance and climbing meters of Race Across America non-stop to kick start the RAAM campaign. The current indoor world record is around 1500 km and I will go 5000 km during the 10 days event. It will be held at Field’s Shopping, which is one of the biggest Shopping Malls in Scandinavia and I will basically be living there for 10 days riding non-stop only paused by sleeping breaks.