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Find your class and join online from back home LIVE via ZOOM or get the video on demand and workout whenever you want. Get into your workout routine with me!

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Nutrition Coaching with blood analysis: Let’s find out which diet fits YOU!

There are no standard nutrition programs or plans. To find out what really works out for you we measure specific metabolism panels with a glucose blood test. This individually blood parameters shows us your metabolism type and we can work out together a diet which is tailor made for you and your body needs.

Moreover it is possible to prevent from metabolism diseases like Diabetes Type 2 long time before the first Symptome arise. A premature Realisation makes it possible to change your Lifestyle with a diet which is suitable for your physical needs.

Let’s find out which diet fits YOU?


Ultracycling Events, Speeches, Training

Michael Knudsen is one of the most known danish ultracyclist. He loves to talk about his passion, gives tips and shares experiences form his races like the Red Bull Trans Siberian Extreme or Bikingman Ultra

Rapha Copenhagen - Ultracycling Speech
Speech about Ultracycling in general at the famous Rapha Clubhouse in Copenhagen
Bikingman Oman 2019
Riding through the desert in Oman


Red Bull Trans Siberian Extreme 2018
Second Place in the longest Ultracycling Race in the world: The Red Bull Trans Siberian Extreme



The Leveluplife Team Kathrin & Michael

Welcome hug at the finish line in Oman
Every time Michael finishes such a crazy race I am happy to give him a warm welcome at the finish line:-)